Letter to Students



Welcome to these Achievement Level tests which are designed as a fun way for you and your teacher to set achievable goals and work together to help realise these goals.

The three books progress through 14 levels covering an interesting and enjoyable mix of technical building blocks, fun pieces and music theory worksheets. The books come with CD recordings of all the studies and pieces plus play-along recordings of the piano accompaniments alone for Levels 1-8.

You can practise playing with the CD accompaniment as many times as you want to and then you can choose to do the test either with this CD or with a piano accompanist.

You can read the scales from the music or play them from memory. A fluent technique can only be acquired by learning scales and I hope you enjoy trying to play scales within a specified time limit.

This book is not a teaching syllabus and you should enjoy learning lots of pieces, not just the set pieces. You only need to do each test when your teacher feels you are ready. You set the date with your teacher so you can't possibly get too nervous!

We will mail you your impressive Certificate as soon as we receive a copy of your report form from your teacher.